We always strive to make the best food possible. Everyone who tries Queen Bee is never disappointed! If our beautiful pictures don’t speak for them selves, then check out some of the wonderful reviews we have received from our fantastic community!

positive review  best food ever! it was my first time trying it and I'm hooked! the savory frybread is amazing!

Kirstie Stacy Avatar Kirstie Stacy
May 23, 2020

positive review  The taquitos are absolutely amazing! I woke up craving them. Best food truck by far

Rachel Planks Avatar Rachel Planks
August 11, 2019

positive review  Had the best tacos I think Ive ever had. They were amazing. Our friend took a bite of ours and headed straight back to their truck to get herself some. We ended up getting an Indian fry bread to go also and it was equally amazing!!!

Jessica Sanders Avatar Jessica Sanders
September 15, 2019

We are always around the valley. If you want to find out where we are going to be exacting on what date, please check us out on Street Food Finder!

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