Our taco truck is well established all over town. Queen Bee is dedicated to providing fresh gourmet tacos and fry bread to the community. Whether we are at a taco festival or catering a gathering, you can count on the Queen Bee family to go above and beyond with our food! 

We always strive to make the best food possible. Everyone who tries Queen Bee is never disappointed! If our beautiful pictures don’t speak for them selves, then check out some of the wonderful reviews we have received from our fantastic community!

positive review  I know this may sound funny but I've always kind of been on the fence about tacos. Yesterday, however, I went to go to the crossfit competition that my husband was in and the Queen bee food truck was there and My 1st thought is that it was an awesome paint job, 2nd was that I thought the tacos were expensive. After having placed an order with their pulled pork tacos I'm pretty sure the feelings that were associated with taking a bite out of the 1st dripping hot taco would be the same as A. Seeing Jesus to collect us all for the rapture B. Discovering chocolate for the 1st time but it's a Taco C. Getting my tubes tied And realizing the same day that I don't have to have any more children Ever again. Thank you for making yesterday's mouth gasm a memorable one. There are things that I would have thought would have been Front runner in my brain, more important happenings in my life than eating tacos but apparently this food truck experience surpasses that...

Lindsay Marie Mendivil Handley Avatar Lindsay Marie Mendivil Handley
October 20, 2019

positive review  The taquitos are absolutely amazing! I woke up craving them. Best food truck by far

Rachel Planks Avatar Rachel Planks
August 11, 2019

positive review  I booked an event with Queen bee gourmet tacos for my job and we loved the food!!! They had great customer service, the food was amazing and it was all for a great price. Their tacos were so creative and delicious, their shrimp tacos were SO GOOD and the churros were AMAZING! I would definitely book them again and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to eat or book an event with them! Thank you queen bee gourmet tacos you all are so amazing 😊

Gisselle Sanchez Avatar Gisselle Sanchez
June 26, 2020

We are always around the valley. If you want to find out where we are going to be exacting on what date, please check us out on Street Food Finder!

And as always, if you want us to be somewhere specific… Reach out to us! 

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