Let Queen Bee take care of your next event with our top quality catering options! We have something that fits any needs. Whether its a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or even an in home catering for a gathering, we can do it all.

Let us take care of the stress of cooking for your guests. Our experienced chef will make sure you get the perfect food needed to suit your event. Although we specialize in gourmet tacos and frybreads, we are able to accommodate any menu necessary.

Take a look at our catering menus below!

Menu number one consists of all three of our most popular items.

With this you will get our signature smoked mole rubbed pork tacos. The pork is smoked for at least 8 hours and then is topped with cotija cheese, avocado mousse and corn pico de gallo.

Our famous beef machaca tacos. Where the beef is braised in Mexican Coca-Cola and authentic Sonoran chilies. Then topped with manchego cheese, aji amarillo aioli, corn pico de gallo.

And finally our classic Queen Bee Chicken Taquitos. The chicken is slow braised until it melts in your mouth. Then topped with buffalo ranch, cotija cheese, corn pico de gallo.

Each order comes with 3 tacos or 3 taquitos

Our second menu is expanded and comes with two more choices.

Along with the three classic options from menu one we added our Cajun shrimp tacos and our kurobuta pork belly tacos.

The Cajun Fried Shrimp Tacos come with perfectly seasoned and fried shrimp. Then topped with slaw, cotija cheese, aji amarillo aioli, avocado mousse, corn pico de gallo.

The Kurobuta Pork Belly Tacos come with crispy seared pork belly. Then topped with asian kimchi slaw, hoisin BBQ sauce and pickled red onions.

Each order comes with 3 tacos or taquitos.

Menu number three comes with all the essentials from the first 2 menus. This one has additional items that could be added to enhance your menu.

Additional items that can be added:

  • Mexican soda and churros
  • Charro beans
  • Cocktail hour appetizers
  • Chips and salsa
  • Frybreads

Our final menu option is a fully custom menu of your choosing.

Our award winning chef on board will work with your need in order to make the perfect meal for your day. Whether its tacos or something else you desire, our team will make sure you get everything you need.


In-home catering available as well!

Our in-home catering option is perfect for parties or gathering in your house. No need to have our food truck serve your guests when we can do this from your very own kitchen! Let us take care of the food so you can host the perfect party.